Today we're going to answer the question "Can My Baby Have Matcha Green Tea?"

It's tempting to give our children the same wonderful health products, foods and drink that we have, however what might be good for an adult and ok for a child may not be alright for a baby. 

Can my baby have matcha green tea

In putting Tea and babies under the spotlight, a lot of medical experts have said that there’s nothing wrong with giving the right tea to children as young as 11 months old. There are some health experts saying that you give your infant tea from 6 months old. But not just any tea, the articles that I studied were referring to unsweetened chamomile tea, which can be use could soothe sore throat which is a common problem for young children.

Mum and Baby

Before being known as a beverage, tea was known as a medicine or elixir. Tea soothes cold symptoms, helps with digestion and has antioxidants which are great for the immune system.

Tea a medicine

Matcha is one of the most healthy and pure teas, and a perfect warm treat for kids, a great no-sugar alternative. Matcha, however, or in fact any green tea for that matter, is not usually recommended for infants. Matcha tea has caffeine in it, regardless of however little the content of caffeine may be and however slow the caffeine may be released, it’s still caffeine. You should always avoid giving something caffeinated to your baby.

 Child Matcha Tea

Research is yet to prove how Matcha green tea can benefit infants. However, medical experts say that caffeine artificially boosts heart rate. That one single negative effect stands to counteract any benefit that Matcha could offer your child.

Our Verdict

Babies get practically everything they need from breast milk. There is not enough real-world application or research to prove the benefits of Matcha in children. So stick to breast milk for as long as it’s possible. And then talk to your paediatrician about giving Matcha to your young child.


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