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Explained: The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea, 'the powerhouse tea' is full of health-boosting properties.

Teaologists Finest Matcha Tea

Matcha: A Super-Food Tea with some of the highest levels of nutrition and healthy properties of any food or drink is sweeping the nation off it's feet

Matcha Tea has been consumed for thousands of years in Japan and is now available across the world. Drunk by the Samurai and the Zen Buddhist Monks, Matcha has an incredible ability to provided focused energy to improve your awareness and vitality.

Teaologists Finest Matcha Green Tea - Health Benefits

Including Matcha in your diet is a conscious health decision and one of the very best things you can do for your body. Organic Matcha green tea provides the purest, most unprocessed form of tea possible. 


Here's what Matcha can do for you:

1. Keeps you energised: Coffee and energy drinks give you an energy spike and then the caffeine crash. The problem is the caffeine in these drinks has an acid effect that impacts the adrenal glands. This causes spikes in adrenaline glucose and insulin levels, which causes the resulting jitters, nervousness, sleeplessness and hunger pangs.

The caffeine in Matcha, however, forms a bond with numerous nutrients so that it enters the bloodstream slowly over time, leading to a steady level of energy for up to six hours and most importantly, avoiding the one hour spike and crash.

2. Takes good care of your skin: Matcha is high in polyphenols and there’s recent evidence that suggests that consuming polyphenols can be a powerful way to protect ageing arteries.

3. Removes toxins from your body: The incredible amount of chlorophyll in Matcha detoxifies your body of heavy metals and toxins naturally.

4. Helps you to focus: The fact that Matcha promotes energy levels, does not mean that it doesn’t help to calmly focus on the task at hand. The L-theanine in Matcha promotes a calm, attentive state.

5. Removes free radicals: The antioxidants in Matcha protect your body from free radical damage, preventing ageing and cellular damage.

Teaologists Organic Matcha tea - Health Benefits


If you're new to Matcha, the best way to start is with the Teaologists Matcha Green Tea Starter Kit:

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