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About Us

We’re Teaologists. We're with you on your Matcha journey.

“Teaologists” is a premium-quality Matcha Green Tea brand that is committed to providing the highest quality Organic Matcha Green Tea. All of our efforts are focused towards giving our customers results and helping them to look and feel better.

Teaologists Matcha Green Tea - About us

Why Should I Shop with Teaologists?

  1. Quality Products - There are no compromises in our commitment to bring our customers the finest quality Matcha tea. Teaologists sources Matcha directly from a single, family-run, tea plantation located in Japan which ensures the highest standards of picking, production and freshness.  

  2. Free Fast Shipping - All of our orders ship for free to the UK, Europe and North America, including Canada. Excluding our sample packs, everything is shipped by next day recorded delivery.

  3. Incredible Service and Money back Guarantee - Incredible customer service is something we’re passionate about and we’re always trying to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. All of our products come with our exclusive 60-day, no questions asked, 'love it or get your money back' guarantee.

About Our Founder 

Teaologists Founder Richard Teaologists was formed by Richard Fletcher in  2014. Teaologists has developed into one of  the most talked about UK Matcha brands  online. Customers choose Teaologists Matcha  for the quality of the tea and come back for the  quality of the service. 

 Richard's favourite part of running  Teaologists is talking to customers. He reads  every email and goes out of his way to  speak with customers everyday. If you have any questions or just want to give him a shout, contact him at