When I heard about Matcha green tea for the first time, I shrugged it off thinking it to be another natural food fad. Then I read actual studies on how dieters lost twice the amount of weight after they incorporated Matcha tea as part of their diet. I was sold on the concept and decided to try it out myself. After, all Matcha tea is loaded with 137 times more antioxidants in comparison to the regular green tea available – there has to be something special about this tea.


Matcha Tea Benefits – Why Is It Called the Green Tea Elixir?


Boosts Metabolism

One of the most powerful benefits of Matcha tea is its ability to boost metabolism, the natural way. The antioxidants help to increase the metabolic rate. As per the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Matcha tea helps to increase the body’s capacity of burning calories by nearly 400%!


Increases Fat Oxidation

As per National Institute of Health report, Matcha tea increases oxidation by 17% on an average. This report highlights the fact that this tea can actually burn fat due to the presence of antioxidants which signals fat cells to break down.




Increases Endurance During Exercises

With higher metabolism and fat oxidation as its two major features, Matcha tea increases endurance level during exercises. Increased metabolism boosts performance level where as higher fat oxidation allows an individual to exercise for longer duration without getting fatigued. Imagine, getting all these benefits by drinking Matcha tea!


Improves Overall Health

There is no point in losing weight if you do not enjoy an overall improved health. Unlike synthetic weight loss pills or crash diets where you need to reduce/monitor what you eat, how much you eat – Matcha tea allows you to lose weight in the most natural way. In fact you end up feeling good too.



The presence of such a high amount of antioxidants in Matcha is due to the way it is made. It is ground down to a fine powder so that when you drink Matcha, you ingest the full leaf unlike other tea where the tea leaves are thrown away once the tea is brewed. So,  go ahead and start drinking Matcha tea. You can thank me later. Happy drinking!


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