What’s not to love about Matcha Latte? It’s delicious, healthy and oh-so-pretty to look at!
It’s such an amazing alternative to the morning coffee and comes in so many varieties that it’s difficult to stop gushing over it. Don’t get me wrong. I love coffee. But Matcha Latte holds a special place in my heart.

A staple of life for many people in the East, Matcha has made its way to the West a few years ago and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that it’s taken the world by storm. I mean just look how tempting it is!

So, along with my friends over here at Teaologists, who offer Britain’s finest Matcha green tea powder (I know! So lucky to be associated with them!), I set out to discover the 10 best Matcha Lattes that one can possibly have. And guess what? Our findings kind of tell us that there’s no such thing as a perfect cup of Matcha Latte. And that it’s challenging  to  list the best lattes in order of taste and flavour but we tried to give the well-deserving Matcha Lattes their credit where credit was due. Here’s our top 10 Matcha lattes for you.

    1. The Sweetness Overload Matcha Latte




      Usually created by talented baristas who know what they’re doing, this Matcha latte brings out a level of sweetness that would suit most palates and is also texturally even. There’s a huge caveat though, and that is the fact that sweetness is subjective. What’s too sweet for one may not be the same for another. Speaking of which, the iced version of this Matcha latte should be made a bit more balanced, taking into account the dilutive effect of ice on the flavour and intensity profile.


      2. The “It’s All About the Experience” Matcha Latte




      Served in cafes that leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating an authentic Japanese tea ceremony experience, this Matcha latte is smooth and sweet and usually topped off with a sprinkle of Matcha which gives you a pretty nice kick. This latte is full of flavour, as an authentic Japanese Matcha Latte should be. To complement it, there’s Zen decor all around - tatami mats, hanging scrolls, alcoves, chabana flower arrangements, floor cushions to sit on, incense sticks, and baristas in kimonos.


      3. The Hearty Matcha Latte




      With a hearty mix of a sweet, vanilla-esque flavour and a potent kick of Matcha, this latte nails the consistency with a thick vanilla foam. The added advantage: you can have it with your choice of milk - skim, soya or almond. Have it hot but not boiling. If you’re a connoisseur of Matcha and you want to try something different, this one’s perfect for you.  


      4. The “All Things Tea Lover” Matcha Latte




      You’ll find this Matcha latte in places that aren’t usually the hang out spots for all things Matcha, but rather all things tea. Assuming you’re a tea lover, you can visit these places for their incredible variety of teas and tea accessories. They usually serve Matcha latte with cow's milk creamer. You might want to watch out for that if you’re lactose intolerant. Have your pick from unsweetened almond milk (a favourite), soya milk or any other vegan milk of your choice.


        5. The “Breakfast” Matcha Latte  




          What do you think about when you think about the morning? Do you feel good getting ready for the day? Well, here’s one reason to feel great in the morning. The Breakfast Matcha Latte is the ultimate “pick me up” for a lazy morning, especially if you’re not a morning person. Expect uncomplicated taste, with minimal to zero interplay of flavours. Sit on a long bench in the open air and enjoy this wonder drink with a plate of Egg Benedict, pancakes with seasonal fruits and a bowl of Greek Yoghurt. You should be ready for your day.


            6. The Cute Baker’s Matcha Latte




              We’ve all seen them on Instagram, we all adore them for their ridiculously cute confectionery. Is there any doubt that their Matcha latte wouldn’t be as cute? The cute baker’s Matcha latte has a thick, creamy consistency, which leaves you with a delicate umami lingering in your mouth. One cup of this could be quite filling.


                7. The Matcha Latte for Newbies




                  If you have newly discovered Matcha, this latte is your training ground. As Matchas go, this one is fairly sweet, which is why it’s perfect for a newbie. A few cups of this, and you’re ready to move on to stronger stuff.  It is indeed delicious and takes all the frills out of the equation so that you can focus on the real thing.  


                    8. The Organic Tea Bar Matcha Latte




                      Before you enter an organic tea bar, know this: the Matcha you’ll get will be essentially milk with green food colouring. Expect minimal sweetness, very subtle umami and a slightly grassy aftertaste in your mouth. Yes, these places don’t really use a lot of milk or sugar or even Matcha in order to keep the drink “pure” and “completely organic”. If you’re into it, or just looking to change your palate, the organic tea bar is the place for that.


                        9. The Intense Matcha Latte




                          This Matcha latte can be considered to be a dessert of its own, with its strong sweet and grassy flavour. Take a sip and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The umami here is so intense that it might as well come out of the cup and punch you in the face (hypothetically of course!). The intense latte leaves an earthy aftertaste though, which is not bad if you’re a connoisseur. But if that isn’t enough, you can pair it up with some Matcha-flavoured treats.


                            10. The Simple, No-Nonsense Matcha Latte



                              This is the best overall Matcha latte. It flaunts a perfect balance between the unique taste of Matcha green tea and just the right amount of sweetness to offer you a nice latte experience. It has the kind of taste which you won’t mind burning your entire mouth for. For the lactose intolerant, there’s always the option to choose soya milk, almond milk or coconut milk. So, no disappointments there.

                              If you’ve set a goal for yourself to eat healthy, I’m sure after gulping down these Matcha lattes, you would score enough health points to have back to back cheat days for the rest of the year (kidding! You should continue eating healthy no matter what).


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