Tea is always made with boiling water, right?

What if we told you otherwise?

With Matcha tea, things are a little different. Because Matcha is so special, it’s one of those cases where things just are a little different. You simply can’t use boiling water to make Matcha. It will completely ruin the taste and flavour. Matcha requires hot water, but not boiling. Hot water enhances the delicate, fragrant taste of Matcha unlike it’s friend the green tea that needs to be brewed in near-boiling water. There are some who start their Matcha habit with subprime Matcha green tea, but mistakenly brew it like regular tea, with boiling water. The Japanese know best on this occasion: that high quality Matcha is best made with hot water. Some Master Teaologists might even tell you that the higher the quality of Matcha, the lower the water temperature should be.

Matcha made with cooler water brings out the true umami (the fifth taste – a feeling of smoothness). But, no matter how exciting the temptation of the ultimate umami is, it’s undeniable that a hot beverage has its merits. We know that some like it hot. But remember to not make it too hot. Otherwise, you’d be compromising everything about the Matcha.

We recommend you keep the temperature at a maximum of 800C or 1750F. You can reduce it, but you really can’t afford to increase it from here.

Here’s a simple way to achieve this temperature:

  • Boil filtered water
  • Pour the required amount of water to make Matcha into a pitcher
  • Pour that water into a cup

This should achieve the ideal temperature. If you want more umami, let it cool a bit. And then embrace the taste of your wonderful cup (or bowl) of Matcha.

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