A special reblog from one of our fave bakers - Saloca in Wonderland
Mug cakes are by far one of my guiltiest pleasures in life. With little to no effort required, I can have a warm, gooey sweet treat in less than five minutes, without even having to switch the oven on! We all know how much I love tea, and when I get an opportunity to put tea in a cake, I’m not going to pass it up! With Teaologists Matcha green tea powder for baking in hand, I was ready to get my microwaving on!
Having a sweet tooth usually leaves me feeling somewhat guilty after indulging it. Baking with a high-quality matcha not only satisfies my cake cravings, but it feels healthier than making an after eight mug cake! Matcha is jam packed full of antioxidants, proven to calm you down, boosts memory and energy levels as well as strengthening your immune system and increasing calories burnt. Can you get all those benefits from a cake? I’m going to tell myself, yes!
Matcha Cup
To really give my matcha mug cake a boost, I also added some Hotel Chocolat super milk buttons, chopped up. These lil beauties are fabulous if you’re looking to get that chocolate fix with maximum flavour and minimum sugar. These milk chocolate buttons actually contain 65% cocoa and only 20% sugar. (For comparison, normal milk chocolate buttons are only 30% cocoa and a whopping 50% sugar!). Cocoa is much more expensive than sugar, so the cheaper the chocolate, the less chocolate there actually is in it! It’ll mostly be sugar! Boo! Evil!
Matcha Cup 2
So now that I’ve pretty much got you convinced these mug cakes are pretty good for you (everything in moderation folks!) and you're salivating all over your device, let’s get cooking!
Super Milk and Matcha Mug Cakes
4 tbsp plain flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking matcha powder
1/2 tsp white sugar
4 tbsp semi skimmed milk
2-3 chopped super milk buttons
Matcha Cup 3
Combine all the ingredients in a microwave safe mug, whisking until smooth and the batter ribbons off the end of the whisk. With your microwave on full power, microwave your matcha mug cake for 1 minute, then let it stand for a couple of minutes before digging in!
These smell amazing and taste so good! The super milk buttons are so rich, and a strong chocolate with matcha just goes really well! It instantly satisfies any and all cravings whilst feeling indulgent but not so naughty! 
Matcha Cup 4
What’s your favourite kind of mug cake?

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