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I was ordering my skinny-frappe-mocha-chino-latte in Starbucks this week when I happened to look down at the chilled drinks cabinet. I was amazed. It was wall-to-wall Innocent smoothies. I was seriously impressed to see that that a little British startup has conquered the Starbucks fridge! Back in 1999, Innocent Drinks asked festival goers to vote with their finished-with cups on whether they should start a smoothie company or go back to their day jobs.


Once you’ve finished your smoothie they said, put it in the right bin if you want us to start a smoothie business or the left bin if you don’t think we should bother.

It wasn’t long before the right bin was overflowing with ‘yes cups’ and entrepreneurs Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright knew they were on to something. Fast forward 16 years and now 90% of the chilled drinks in my local Starbucks have the Innocent brand in their chilled drinks cabinets. It’s been a smoothie revolution and why not, they taste great and are (usually) full of healthy, natural contents.


And so ends my praise for shop-bought smoothies. Choosing a shop-bought smoothie is the equivalent to switching to diet cola and feeling good about your choice. If you are serious about boosting energy, losing weight, detoxing and slowing the ageing process, then you’ve got to roll your sleeves up and turn up the dial on your own blender.

I recently came across two life-affirming ladies in the US at who are definitely getting real with smoothies.


They have a (r)awesome array of recipes and tips and make the most of superfoods such as kale and spinach. So head over to their website to see what’s blending. No matter which recipe you start with though, remember to add a small spoon of Matcha;

I'd say matcha is not a superfood, when it comes to weight loss tea, anti-ageing tea, energy tea and detox tea - it’s a Superstarfood. Period.

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November 24, 2015

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