Nearly all of us have muttered these infamous words at some point on the day after. I recall in my heady University days being able to drink almost any number of colourful alcoholic drinks. Now in my thirties, I have to be strategic.

About 50% of my time is focused on having intoxicated merriment and the other 50% on carefully planning my next steps. Here’s what’s going through my mind:

  1. Must have a glass of tap water after every 2nd drink

  2. Must stick to one kind of drink, don’t want to mix my spirits

  3. Plan my bathroom breaks to miss the moment when someone shouts “SHOTS"

  4. Must book Monday off work to recover. Yes I know it’s Friday today.

This may sound like pub ADHD, but I really, really, really, really don’t like hangovers (anymore).


I did some research into this ancient problem as I had a hunch that Matcha Tea might be a secret cure and wanted to find out more. Here’s what I found:

According to modern science there is still no absolute cure for hangovers. Other than drinking water and waiting, there’s not much else to do.

However, the exact reason for hangovers is still being debated. Hangovers can happen for a lot of reasons. It has been suggested that hangovers are basically early stages of alcohol withdrawal. Some say hangovers are the result of a chemical reaction that takes place in the brain after a lot of alcohol gets into your system.


Not diluting alcohol into non-alcoholic beverages can cause hangovers too. So can mixing one liquor with another. Other things can also contribute to hangovers such as smoking, flashing lights, loud music, insufficient sleep etc.

I’ve never met anyone with a ‘loud music’ hangover, so I’m going to presume that large amounts of alcohol are the common link to almost all hangovers. So what can we do to ‘bounce back’?

Well after a number of recent weekend drinking escapades, I have been drinking Matcha Tea the next morning to see if I can find any empirical (real world) evidence of improvements to my headache, dizziness, tiredness or grumpiness.

The results? It seems to be working and here’s why:

Matcha contains tons of antioxidants (more than any other tea in the world), and those flush out the toxins from the liver put there by the alcohol. The antioxidants prevent the chemical reaction from happening in the brain.


Just the following morning after you party hard, try any of these three ways to deal with the hangover using Matcha Tea.

  1. Whisk 1 spoonful of Matcha in ½ cup water and gulp it down
  2. Make a Matcha lemonade, shake it up and drink it
  3. Therapeutic Matcha Smoothie – to make this, you need about 2 teaspoons of Matcha, 2 cups of water, a mango (a pear will also do), 1 slice of ginger, about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 cup of kale or spinach. Blend all the ingredients and add honey/banana to taste. Add ice if you want or refrigerate the whole thing in a mason jar. Drink it throughout the day and the hangover will be gone for good.

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Remember what they say about prevention being better than cure? You can help to prevent the hangover from happening in the first place by drinking a cup of Matcha before the party.

Nothing beats a hangover like hydration. Mix 1 teaspoon of Matcha with some coconut water and a pinch of salt. This will give you relief from headaches, thanks to Matcha’s caffeine. You will be re-hydrated by the coconut water and salt.

The organ that’s worst affected from alcoholic overdose is the brain. Being a natural nootropic, Matcha Tea can also prevent amyloid plaque buildup in the brain, thereby helping to prevent Alzheimer’s.

By drinking some Matcha Tea before or after (preferably both) the day of the party, you will feel much better, completely free from any hangover. Just remember to not drink it right after you finish your alcohol.

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2 Responses

Been there
Been there

April 09, 2017

Wow! Sounds like your on the road to being an alcoholic. Unmistakable.


December 24, 2015

My hangover remedy is whisked matcha, sugar and a lot of milk (+a few ice cubes and mint leaves optional). Some posh hotels in Japan call this ‘emerald milk’- iced green tea latte, basically. Use as little hot water as possible otherwise the drink gets watery. Milk is also good to your stomach after heavy drinking providing you are not feeling sick.

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