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Staying up late, working, studying, preparing for something important – these things are synonymous with coffee. These are all very important activities and tea can’t hold a candle to coffee when it comes to supplying your body with energy to perform these important activities, right? Then why bother drinking tea?

You drink a few cups of coffee, you feel really energetic, and then these things happen -

  • Your mind starts racing
  • Your heart starts pounding
  • You become extremely anxious for no reason
  • You suddenly feel that you are not as focused as you thought you would be

And then the crash comes down, you feel exhausted and you badly want to fall asleep.  


This is what coffee does.  But what does tea do? Does it do any different? Yes! I’m so glad you asked.

Even though tea has caffeine, it does not build up to a crash. It keeps your anxiety levels normal and it comes with lots of other health benefits.

Besides, tea comes in so many wonderful flavours that it’s difficult to get bored.  

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So let’s find out why you should drink tea instead of coffee.


1. Tea Improves Your Cognitive Abilities

Polyphenols, a type of chemical compounds that widen your blood vessels and help speed up the process of blood flow to the brain are found in sufficient quantities in tea leaves. Therefore, drinking tea boosts your cognitive function.

2. Tea Provides Stress Relief

The same polyphenols are responsible provide protection to your cells against oxidative stress – a process in which an imbalance is created between the production of free radicals in the body and the body’s ability to neutralise their harmful impact through antioxidants. 


3. Tea Keeps You Alert and Yet, Calm

Unlike coffee, tea doesn’t give you the jittery rush of stimulants. It has a calming effect on you, while keeping you alert.

4. Tea Relaxes Muscles 

The smooth muscles in your body are relaxed when you drink tea, especially matcha tea. It does a great job of promoting blood flow and releasing its anti-inflammatory properties into your bloodstream. Put simply, it helps keep you calm. Tea also widens your breathing tube muscles, helping you breathe easier. 

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5. Tea Is Low In Caffeine Content

Tea has less caffeine than coffee, which makes it non-addictive. So even if you miss your cup of tea (which is unlikely), you will still be able to perform well without craving it. 

6. Tea has L-Theanine

L- Theanine is a powerful amino acid that has proven stress-reducing abilities. It reduces your physical as well as mental strain. The combined effect of caffeine and L- Theanine can work wonders in improving attention, memory and many other cognitive functions. L- Theanine also provides a great boost to the production of alpha waves, giving you the same benefits as meditation. It boosts your concentration and calmness. So you can stay focused and relaxed at the same time. 


7. Tea Doesn’t Let You Go Through The 5 Stages Of Drinking Coffee

With coffee, you go through 5 stages –

1) The pre-caffeinated stage when you feel down and drained

2) The first flushes of positive feelings

3) The “high” when you feel like you have all the energy to do all the work in the world

4) The stage when you start feeling not-so-good anymore

5) The “crash” when your energy levels just drop and sink and plummet and go down and so on. But with tea, you don’t experience anything like that because tea is much lower in caffeine content that coffee and, tea is not acidic.


Finally, if you are having a problem with drinking a lot of coffee, tea is a much healthier alternative. 

We at Teaologists recommend these teas:

Jasmine Green Tea Or Matcha Tea

Both are great. They offer the energy without an impending crash. Matcha has many more health benefits to offer than Jasmine or any other green tea.


Chamomile Tea

With zero caffeine content, chamomile tea is the perfect tea when you want to unwind.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Because it comes with just the right caffeine content your body needs.

Try to choose organic tea, as the benefits and stimulants it can give you are more lasting.

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The Jakala
The Jakala

November 04, 2017

This would help people to stop drinking that yucky coffee!


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