I love matcha tea. There's good reason for that. For the uninitiated, Matcha is a Japanese green tea which comes in a very fine powder form.

Its health benefits are numerous – so are its uses. It can actually be used in a number of recipes. But that's not why I love matcha tea. I love it because drinking it, is an experience unlike any other. 

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It was found that people who drank at least 1 cup of green tea, were better able to combat cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's disease.

Their risk of cognitive decline was much less (about 38% less) than those who did not take green tea.

But the fact that matcha tea is really healthy for the mind is not the best thing about it. The best thing about it is its exotic taste that makes you want more. And yet, matcha is not addictive!

And, it gets better.

If you are looking for a morning pick-me-up after a restless night of sleep, it's your best option.

It is a weight loss tea, energy boosting tea, and anti ageing tea at the same time.

Its what you call a magic potion if you are looking to improve your concentration and reduce your stress.

And the fact that this tea is loaded with superstar antioxidants has something to do with it. Just observing..


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