Travelling rejuvenates the soul. So does your favourite Teaologists Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea! In fact, it rejuvenates and relaxes the body, mind and soul. So, it makes perfect sense to enjoy both of them together, to relax AND rejuvenate!

Matcha lovers unite; we have sourced the very best locations – some known, some secret for you to visit. Just because you are miles away from your fave Matcha café, does not mean you should miss out on the green super-food. So here’s where to get Matcha green tea on the go.

Lately, restaurants across the globe have come up with interesting drinks, pastries, smoothies and even cocktails that contain your favourite Matcha as the main ingredient. And you know what? In your quest to enjoy a good cup of matcha, you get to explore a new destination, each time you hop from one restaurant to another. Let’s find out which places it will be!


In Chicago, two popular joints that you need to check out include Restaurant Beatrix and Ramen-San. Both of them are located near each other, hence you won’t mind hopping from one place to the other.

For your morning tea, visit Ramen-San. They serve tea 3 times a day – morning, lunch and dinner. The most popular variety is the green tea latte. But if you are in the mood to explore then try out the Bees Knees – an adult version, this drink features green tea-infused bourbon, lemon, honey and yuzu (citrus fruit).

Don’t forget to visit Restaurant Beatrix to enjoy their 10-grain oatmeal (part of their breakfast menu). Do try the green tea cookie too. It’s delicious to say the least.


Los Angeles

Besides the popular Hollywood sign and the world famous Warner Brothers studios, Universal and Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles is home to so many exciting restaurants serving Matcha.

Matcha Box – the first green tea bar opened on West Third Street on July, 2015. This joint offers Matcha in the traditional form in addition to interesting infusions as well. Try out the green tea latte made with almond milk named “Hero” or sink your teeth into green tea peanut butter toasts. Though a bit high on the price factor, you can make the most of the joint by opting for their “pay what you wish” evenings and green tea happy hours.


When you talk about Matcha, how can you forget Boba Tea Jam of London? Their green tea bubble is a must have - Fresh, milky tea is served with ice and a variety of chewy tapioca pearls.

Do try out their green tea ice cream for its smooth and creamy texture. Served with tapioca, jellies and a sweet red bean reduction – this ice cream is sure to melt away all your worries.

New York

If we had left out the Big Apple from our list, it is sure to turn green with envy. Check out Chalait on West 4th Street for their like lattes and ice teas. Set up like a traditional coffee shop, they offer Matcha in interesting forms.

Shots of green tea are available as shots of espresso. You can take your pick from Green tea Americanos and cortados (espresso with a little milk). There is something for the children too. Green tea hot chocolate is loved by kids and adults alike.

Another, extremely popular joint in New York, is the MatchaBar. Set up by Graham and Max Fortgang, this place is well known for its delicate-tasting tea. Take your pick from a diverse range of Matcha infused drinks and nibbles. Popular ones include vanilla almond green tea latte, green tea donut hole and green tea macaroon along with the green tea muffins, cookies, biscotti and specialty green tea drinks.


Paris is well known for its traditional values and eclectic fashion week. Add to this your favourites and you are sure to fall in love with this place all over again. Aki Boulanger, a popular bistro uses traditional baking techniques to offer its patrons mouth watering green tea muffins and green tea marbled breads. You can check out their breakfast range that boasts of green tea éclairs, cakes and parfaits. Enjoy this with a green tea latte.


Uncle Tetsu’s Matcha Café’s must try items include green tea madeline cookies, green tea soft serve, green tea shaved ice and slushies. You can enjoy your Madeline cookies either as the regular green tea cookies or with a bean paste filling that is topped with a plump bean.


No list on Matcha green tea can be complete without mentioning Asia. And in Asia, Tokyo is gaining popularity because of its innovative mix of health-meets-alcohol fusion. 1899 Ochanomizu – a well known beer garden offers six different brews including a non alcoholic version of beer. You can enjoy these cold, frothy drinks at under $6.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags!

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