Matcha tea is a superfood, one that has stood the test of time and the test of taste. Around the world, millions of people have made Matcha a part of their daily lives for its tremendous health benefits and that’s not the only great thing about it.

It’s probably the only tea, if not the only superfood in the world that comes with a winning combination of looking amazingly unique and being a huge repository of nutrients at the same time. Just type Matcha desserts into Google images and you will see what we mean!

What Is A Superfood?

A superfood is food that’s packed with a concentrated content of a variety of nutrients. We’re talking vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and polyphenols. These foods are filled to the brim with nutrients.

What Makes Matcha A Superfood

Matcha has been making headlines all over the world for its extraordinary health benefits. People who consume Matcha on a regular basis have reported stronger immunity, less anxiety and consistently positive mood.


Matcha green tea comes with polyphenols which are highly effective antioxidants that help keep free radicals at bay. If not inhibited, free radicals can cause a number of diseases and weaken your immune system.

Apart from preventing free radical damage, Matcha tea also prevents bacteria from growing inside your mouth, preserving your oral health. The catechins in it are responsible for protecting your gums and teeth.



This superfood also supports your brain, helping you stay focused and alert for hours. Its healthful properties also reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Matcha has been shown to help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular health. It is also high in fibre.

Amazing Versatility

Since Matcha is powdered, it’s highly flexible. It mixes wonderfully with other foods and drinks. You can add Matcha to practically anything you eat, from breakfast bowls to desserts. Sprinkle some on your cereal, you are good to go. Replace your morning coffee with a Matcha latte, you are set to have a more productive day than you might have thought. Need ideas? Here’s a blog of ours dedicated to Matcha tea recipes. You’ll find a wide variety of Matcha green tea recipes on it.


How Much Matcha Should You Drink?

We’ve pondered over this before, and have come up with this post: When Is the Best Time to Drink Matcha Green Tea?   It sums up all that you need to know about how much Matcha you should drink in a day.

If you are looking to shed some kilos, we’ve got you covered with our blog dedicated exclusively to healthy smoothies.

Matcha is here to be enjoyed, and with so many ways to make Matcha a part of your daily life, choosing this super-food tea is one decision that your body will thank you for.



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