Forget the Paleo diet and 5:2 diet, there’s a whole new diet in town, and it says that you should eat dark chocolate and drink red wine! We’re talking about the Sirtfood diet. And we’re going to tell you all about it here.

What Is Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood Diet is based on ingredients from your kitchen that, according to some nutritionists, can completely transform your weight loss efforts and help you live longer. This diet essentially mimicks the impact of fasting and workout on your body.

The foods in this diet are rich in sirtuin activators..

Which means they contain the specific proteins that the body needs in order to regulate the biological pathways that affect your overall health and weight.


Why You Should Care About It

The sirtuins actively burn fats when you eat. They can help regulate your metabolism and contribute to muscle increase. They activate the proteins in your body that regulate the way your body reacts to fat and sugar.

The Sirt Diet can actually mobilise the stored fat in your body and boost the function of mitochondria so that the cells in your body keep generating energy and mimicking the effects of a weight loss diet.


So Much So, That…

Some experts claim that eating Sirtfoods can neutralise the effects of some junk foods! They can even prevent some diseases.

The sirtuins found in red wine are also effective in the prevention of the ageing process. They also help prevent obesity and promote your heart health.

Does that mean glasses of wine without any guilt of gaining weight?

Absolutely. Red wine, especially Pinot Noir is rich in sirtuins. Thanks to the Sirtfood Diet, you can have as many glasses of wine as you want, completely guilt-free.


And Chocolate?

As long as the dark chocolate you want to eat has at least 85% cocoa, it’s safe to enjoy it!

Foods You Can Eat

The main foods you can eat in the Sirtfood Diet are green vegetables, tofu, Matcha green tea powder, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, blackcurrants, walnuts, buckwheat, miso soup, olives, soy, strawberries, capers, kale, turmeric, coffee, celery, and of course, cocoa. The best thing about this diet is, you don’t have to depend on these foods entirely, all you have to do is add them to your daily intake.

This is actually a diet that you can have your way. You can start your day with a Matcha smoothie breakfast bowl, make olive-rich salads for supper, eat miso soup as a snack and drink Japanese organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha tea every day.



Why Sirtfood Diet Has Become So Popular

The number one reason behind Sirtfood Diet’s popularity is that it doesn’t tell you to compromise on the foods you love to eat. It just asks you to make some additions. With the Sirtfood Diet, you’re not losing weight dramatically, depriving your body of nutrition. You are making some healthy changes to your regular diet, which make your immune system stronger and help you slow down ageing, boost muscle health, heart health and make you feel healthier in general.


Famous People Who Follow the Sirtfood Diet

These people swear by the Sirtfood diet:

  • Boxer David Haye
  • Model Jodie Kidd
  • Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie
  • Model and Television chef Lorraine Pascale

What do you think? Do you want to convert to the Sirtfood Diet? Let us know in the comments.



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