Describing the taste of Matcha is, let’s just say, not going to do much justice to this exquisite tea. The taste is complex, rich, aromatic, astringent, and leaves an alluring sweetness post-drinking. When made in the traditional manner (ceremonial Matcha), it has a full-bodied flavour.

The intensity of Matcha’s taste can be compared to the first taste of red wine or dark chocolate. It’s a little difficult to explain, but at the same time, it’s addicting. There’s something about Matcha that just refuses to reveal itself to your taste buds at the first few attempts.

Due to the high chlorophyll and amino acid content, Matcha has a unique vegetal taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste. For most people, it takes time to get used to the taste of Matcha, as initially, the taste feels exotic and even a little strange. That lingering sweetness should make the mouth water, in anticipation of the next sip.


High Quality Ceremonial Grade Matcha should have no astringency or bitterness. Matchas labelled “café grade” “kitchen grade” etc. are basically for using as an ingredient in cooking, baking etc. rather than drinking like Ceremonial Matcha. If you drink culinary grade Matcha, it won’t taste as good. Besides, it’s not as nutrient-rich as its ceremonial grade cousin.


Matcha’s taste depends on a lot of factors such as temperature and whether the maker is skilled in making Matcha teas or not. The Matcha made by Japanese tea ceremony experts tastes heavenly.



Cold-Brewed Matcha Tea

When it comes to Matcha tea, we picture a warm, steaming bowl of Matcha. But did you know that cold-brewed Matcha is also quite good? Temperature makes a huge difference in the taste of Matcha. Where heat brings out the more astringent flavours, cold highlights the sweetness and the rich, creamy feel.


If bitterness is a problem, try mixing a little bit of agave nectar or honey for sweetening. And if you find the taste to be a bit too sweet, add a dash of lemon or ginger.

If you’re looking for a creamier taste, go for Matcha latte.



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