Does froth matter in matcha?

What if we drink it without the froth?

Would that make a big difference to the taste?

Before we answer these questions, we need you to answer a few of ours to help us understand your matcha drinking habits.

Do you make matcha tea every day? How does the surface of the matcha tea you brew look like? Does it look fully frothy or partially frothy?



You should know that the froth actually makes matcha milder. So having lots of froth on top is good. However, many schools of Japanese tea ceremony believe that froth is not really essential, which could be because too much whisking can make the tea react with the oxygen in the air and make it taste bitter.

The bottomline is, contradicting opinions about the frothiness of matcha tea exist. So it's safe to assume that it all depends on individual preference.

If you like your matcha frothy, have it your way. If you don't, then whisk only a few times and enjoy your matcha just the way you like it.

If only things were that simple....

In Sado (The Way of Tea), the amount of froth one would make depends on their family tradition!

Some family traditions dictate a lot of froth to be made on the surface of the matcha whilst other family traditions accept no froth on their matcha. “Medium froth” traditions exist as well.


So if you are a follower of Sado, you will have to accept what your family tradition dictates. But that doesn't mean you can't master the skill of whisking your matcha well without making too much froth.

To achieve that,

You need to practice, practice and practice.

You need to make matcha tea more often, offer to make it for your family and friends and that's the only way you can achieve the desired frothiness in your matcha tea (but remember to not drink and/or let others drink more than 3 bowls of matcha a day). 

This is how you can strike a balance between froth and taste.


 So, does that answer your questions? 


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