The Japanese call their matcha tea whisks “Chasen”. It’s a beautiful instrument, made from quality bamboo. If properly cared for, the Chasen can last a long time.

We’ll discuss a few simple ways you can take good care of your Chasen in this blog.

First off,

There’s something you need to know about Chasens. A brand new Chasen has tines that curl up at the tips and a core that’s a little twisted around.

However, after multiple uses, those tines straighten out and the core blooms. It’s a pretty sight, and it needs maintenance.


If heavily used, the Chasen will lose some of its tines, and won’t be as pretty to look at. So you must take care of it to ensure that it stays pretty for a long time to come.

Caring for your Chasen is not difficult at all. The first thing you need to get is a Chasen holder, also known as whisk keeper.

Teaologists Extra:

After every use, wash your Chasen but make sure that it doesn’t stay in contact with moisture for long. Otherwise, mould can grow on the bamboo.

Once cleaned, keep it on the holder. Keeping your Chasen on the holder will help keep the tines intact for a longer period than if you store it without a holder.



Before each use, make sure to check your Chasen for any broken tines. Otherwise the broken tines will mix with the matcha and it’d be hazardous to drink the matcha.

People often complain about their matcha tea whisks losing the tines after only a few uses. This happens when the whisk is not kept on a whisk holder.

A Little Trivia

In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, using a new Chasen for each occasion is always preferred. Tea ceremony enthusiasts use a new one for every ceremony.


However, for casual drinkers like you and me, it’s preferable to reuse one Chasen rather than buying a new one after every few uses. That’s why we need to be careful about their maintenance.

Tell us in the comments or in our Facebook group about how you maintain or plan to maintain your Chasen. Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with us? We are eager to know.

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