1. They are totally chilled out

    Tea helps soothe the nerves. After a stressful day at work, when you offer him/her a warm cup of tea, it will refresh your partner’s body and mind and the two of you can relax together.

    You get good company, they get a tea. Win/Win!

  1. They are fit and healthy

    Tea, especially green tea, has a lot of antioxidants which can prevent many different types of cancers, and protect the arteries from being clogged, preventing heart disease.

    It can even reduce the risk of stroke. So someone who drinks a lot of tea, is likely to be a healthy potential partner who is less prone to diseases than those who don’t drink as much or at all.

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  1. They will be slimmer than average

    Tea, especially green tea, is shown to reduce fat, so your partner will maintain a healthy weight.



  1. No red faces

    Tea is a natural sunscreen. Regular drinking of tea can provide the body with a good level of protection from sun rays. That means less time spent applying sunscreen and more time spent having fun.
  1. They won’t give you a cold 

    Tea can boost the immune system of the body. So your partner will fall sick less often and you will have to worry less.    
  1. They can watch ‘one more episode’ 

    The caffeine in tea provides lots of energy, which means your partner can stay up late with you to watch your favourite TV programme and not complain a bit!




  1. They will have all the equipment 

    Kettle, teapot, mug, cup and saucer. You name it, they will have it. No faff.

  1. They are patient

    If they can wait for the tea to brew, then they can wait for you to! Finish your makeup / Catch the football highlights / Find your phone….
  1. They can go for longer

    According to research, green tea boosts the endurance capacity of the body, which means your partner can and will have more staying power. ;)


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