What…your choice of teapot actually means something?!

Yes, and it's saying more about you than you might think.

Some would say they have a teapot because it’s an absolute necessity.

Others would say it reminds them of those lazy Sunday afternoons they spent as a child, snuggling up with their pet, favourite comic book or favourite toy.

Whatever the reason, your choice of teapot is talking.

Read on to find the teapot that's most similar to your preferences and see if you agree with your description...


The Classic Ceramic Teapot:


If you are a classic ceramic teapot owner, then you are an emotionally strong and traditional person. You pride yourself on being steadfast and may dislike change.

It is rare for you to put anything else in your teapot other than the traditional English breakfast teabags. Your tea adventures may be minimal, but you are the backbone of tea drinkers everywhere and always the first to put on the kettle whenever there's a guest. 

The Porcelain Teapot:


Ah, the dainty porcelain teapot. You are someone who can be both adventurous and sensible. A confusing combination, even to yourself.

Whilst you tell people that you like tea, it's rare for you to have enough time in your week to sit down for long enough to pour yourself a nice, hot cuppa from your teapot.

Instead, you often find yourself having to rush, never quite finishing the whole cup, but still appreciating the great taste of tea.

The Clay Teapot:


People often comment on how great your memory is, but ever so modest, you brush it off with a carefree rhetoric.

You do like people to notice your fine but unusual taste and when making tea, you pride yourself on having the patience to wait for it to infuse perfectly.

You probably know the exact moment when the tea is ready having timed it previously, but sometimes you like to live dangerously and let it brew a little longer than you know it needs. Either way you are a worthy tea drinker and we all appreciate you for that.

The Glass Teapot:


Just like your tea dispenser, you are stylish and modern. Whilst your friends admire your fine taste, you take pride in knowing that it's what the teapot stands for that really defines you.

The clear glass representing all things pure and transparent. You hate secrets and lies, instead wishing for the world to lay itself bare for all to admire it's raw beauty.

This idealism however, can be short-lived as you quickly grow tiresome of waiting for people to notice how smart you are. Whilst you are unlikely to get stressed or angry, you can move on quickly to pastures and people new. The world of tea drinkers would not be complete without you.

The Enamelled Cast-Iron Teapot:


You're so strong in character that any other teapot simply wouldn't be right for you. Your perception is only eclipsed by your ability to keep a secret.

Others trust your judgement and admire your strong beliefs in equality and fairness.

Whilst you have a deep appreciation of tea, you are likely to over-brew the leaves as you take the time to appreciate the simplistic beauty of the tea interacting with the water.

Your guests are often kept waiting for their own tea as you impart your wealth of tea knowledge, but they have come to expect that and therefore, they typically will have had a private pre-brew to quench their thirst prior to visiting you.

Your tea wisdom is a gift to the world of tea lovers and we are forever indebted to you.

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