It pains me to say it…

…but many of us are mistreating our tea.

These tea mistakes mean that we are losing many of the tea’s health benefits

But the good news is that you’re reading this article. So no longer will you have to miss out on the goodness!...

Tea’s health benefits are amazing:

  • Tea contains antioxidants
  • Tea helps to destroy free radicals and
  • Tea hydrates the body and brain…

To make a cuppa, you throw the teabag in a mug, pour on the water and drink. What is there to get wrong?



So put down the kettle and read these 5 things that YOU could be doing wrong right now.

Wait, before you start, I feel compelled to admit that I was guilty of 3 of these, (Numbers 2, 4, 5 if you must know).

Are you feeling honest today? Then share which numbers apply to you in the blog comments section below.

Here’s the de facto list: (Keep reading, there’s a special bonus mistake for you at the end)

Mistake #1: Boiling the Water Too High


“Match the temperature of your tea to your warm heart not a hot head”

Boiling water and tea do not go together, 100°C water burns the leaf and makes the tea bitter.

It’s important to get this right, so click here to download the handy tea temperature guide

Get the temperature right and your tea will be sweeter and lighter meaning you can enjoy its many benefits more often. Our tip is to switch of the kettle when it first starts to vibrate and bubble.

Mistake #2: Re-boiling the Water in the Kettle


“When making tea, the only thing fresher than the water should be the air.

Each time that we re-boil water we are condensing the minerals that are present naturally in water.

These minerals rise to the surface and cause a film at the top of the cup. Water was made to flow, so our tip is to always use fresh water each time in your kettle to get the most energy from your tea.

Feeling brave, then click here to read all about tea scum 


Mistake #3: Keeping Tea Past its Best  


“An old tin of tea is no good for you and no good for me”

Tea doesn’t really spoil, but after about six months it starts to lose its antioxidant potency.

People often keep tea for too long and then when they drink the tea it does not have the same levels of health benefits.

Our tip is to keep a small supply of tea that you replenish often.

Mistake #4: Going Straight to Cup (i.e. Pretending That the Teapot Is Only for When You Have Guests)


“Whether you watch the teapot or not, it always brews”

Tea needs space to brew. If you give it that space (in a teapot), then it gives it a rounder and full-bodied flavour.

Teabags are designed for speed, so it doesn’t matter quite so much, but loose tea needs room to brew.

Our tip is use a medium to large teapot and leave off the lid whilst the tea is brewing to provide more oxygen for the leaves.

Want to know what your teapot says about you? You can find out here. 


Mistake #5: Using Tea Bags (Hint, Loose Tea Is Much Better for You)


“Quality tea needs a bag, like a fish needs a bicycle”

If you really want to release the essence of tea, then you need to let the water and the leaves interact directly.

Tea bags reduce the potency of the chemical reaction.

Our tip is to use a tea strainer and let the tea infuse for 2-4 minutes depending on the type of leaf and desired taste.

Mistake 6#: Missing Out on Matcha Tea

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