Ideally, you should drink your matcha from a bowl. But if you prefer a teacup, then so be it. To brew a cup of matcha tea, you need your matcha, a matcha tea ladle (made from bamboo), a sifter, a bamboo matcha tea whisk, hot water and of course, a cup (or bowl). 


Take your matcha tea ladle and scoop 1½ ladlefuls of the tea powder. Scoop the tea into a sifter and sift it into the teacup. While sifting, swirl the matcha around with the ladle so that no clumps form in your tea.


When you are done sifting, pour 60-100 ml. of boiling water into an empty cup then allow it to cool down for about a minute. Then, pour the water into the teacup.


Mix the matcha in the water using your bamboo whisk. If you are whisking fast, stop. Slow down the process. You can whisk in an “M” or “W” motion to make it a foamy tea.


You will be surprised to know that foamy matcha tea and smooth matcha tea have slightly different tastes! The flavours and the aromas differ a little.  Just make sure to whisk for 10-15 seconds until the tea gets a vibrant green colour.


Then, pour the tea in your teacup and drink immediately.

This is something you have to remember about matcha tea, you always have to drink it immediately after making it.

Otherwise, the matcha tea powder will settle at the bottom of the teacup after some time.

Thick Matcha
If you want your matcha a little thicker, then simply scoop about 3 ladlefuls of matcha tea powder into the sifter, sift and pour 60-100 ml. of boiling water into an empty cup or bowl.

After that, pour half of that water to mix with the tea.


Whisk in a circular motion with the bamboo whisk. Make sure not to add all the water at once. It will do nothing but forming clumps.


After that, pour the rest of the water into the teacup and whisk in small circular motion and rainbow-pattern motions.

Keep whisking until you get a smooth consistency. Your matcha tea is ready.

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