One of the best ways to reduce our environmental impact is to consume environmentally friendly foods. The meat that we eat comes from a highly intensive system of cultivation which leaves a strong impact on our rivers, lands, oceans, and the air around us, basically depleting them and adding to the worldwide climate change. Meatless Monday is an initiative to bring that damaging impact on the environment a few notches down.

Started in 2003, Meatless Monday is a weekly initiative in which a number of restaurants, bloggers, cities and schools around the globe participate. The goal of the initiative is to encourage conscientious eaters across the world to cut down on their meat intake and consume vegetarian or vegan-friendly foods instead.


Medical research shows that reducing meat intake can decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even obesity. It may also increase one’s lifespan. It’s an environmentally friendly diet that promotes eating healthy food.

Myths About A Meatless Diet

“It isn’t delicious”

“Vegetarian food isn’t delicious” is a myth. It does make the first few weeks of a meatless diet difficult, but your body slowly gets used to the healthier alternative. You don’t really need meat to feel satisfied, or even full. A vegetarian meal can be just as delicious and filling. You just have to look past this preconceived notion, which is hard but perfectly possible.


“It’s expensive”

Look around and you’ll notice that vegetarian food isn’t that expensive. Vegetables don’t come at a premium price and if you cook at home instead of eating out, you can save even more.


“It doesn’t have enough protein”

To the modern consumer, meat is almost synonymous with protein, which makes it hard for them to consider vegetarian options with as much protein content as meat. Truth is, the human body’s protein needs can be sufficiently met by vegetables if a well-planned diet is followed.Since plant-based protein tends to have more fibre and less saturated fat, it is much more heart-healthy than a meat-rich diet.



Switching To A Plant-Based Diet With Matcha

There are so many plant-based sources that you can easily fit into your healthy diet plans. Matcha tea is by far the greatest of them. Matcha is so much more than just a tea. It’s a superfood. It’s a powerhouse of nutrients that works 24/7 to keep you energised yet calm, boost your metabolism,

It’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and enough nutrition to supplement that of meat.

The Matcha Green Tea Powder Benefits You Need To Be Aware Of:

Matcha Is Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants are enzymes and nutrients that combat UV radiation, keep free radicals at bay, give us youthful skin. Among antioxidants, there’s a specific set of antioxidants that are more powerful than others. They are called catechins and one of the catechins is packed with properties to fight cancer. It’s called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and it has a lot of cancer-fighting properties. Scientific research has found that Matcha tea contains over 100 times more EGCG than any other tea.

Matcha Keeps You Calm



Zen Buddhist monks used Matcha green tea to relax and meditate. Its amino acid L-theanine kept them alert, whilst stimulating the production of alpha waves in the brain.

Matcha Controls Type-2 Diabetes

Matcha helps keep the metabolism healthy in people with type-2 diabetes. This antioxidant-rich tea helps reduce triglycerides level in the blood, as well as total cholesterol and hepatic glucose content.

Matcha Strengthens the Immune System

As we’ve written before, Matcha is not only a superfood, it’s a super-tea which contains polyphenols. These, along with EGCG and L-theanine, remove free radicals from the blood, making your immune system stronger.

Matcha Improves Memory


Again, thanks to the L-theanine, Matcha tea is great at boosting your memory and keeping your concentration levels up.


Here are 8 more ways that Matcha benefits your health


Matcha Recipes for Meatless Monday

Below are some scrumptious Matcha recipes that you can include in your meatless Monday diet.




Superfood Smoothie



Pumpkin Spice Matcha Latte



Raspberry Matcha Smoothie



Minty Green Tea Milkshake




Matcha Pizza



Matcha Doughnuts



Matcha Green Tea Cream Cheese Dip



Condiment: Matcha Fine Salt 




Matcha Banana Ice Cream



Matcha Mousse with Avocado and Lemon



White Chocolate Matcha Marble Cake



Coconut Matcha Popsicles



Now in its second decade, Meatless Monday is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and save resources such as freshwater and fossil fuels. Going meatless will help your digestive and immune system as well as benefit your skin and lower your cholesterol. Why not join millions of others and make Mondays interesting with great new recipes and menu plans?

If you’re not ready to completely get on board with the idea, try Meatless Mondays for a month. This handy Matcha recipe ebook contains delicious, easy-to-make recipes that will keep you well-fed and well-nourished for a while.

Have a question about Matcha? Explore frequently asked questions.

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