Matcha Green Tea - Japanese Ceremonial Grade SAMPLE (5g)

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Teaologists Matcha Tea is a Highly Effective Super-food Tea for Reducing Body Fat and Boosting Energy Levels. Matcha Tea:

  • Is recommended by many doctors and nutritionists for a healthy lifestyle 
  • Has 137 times more EGCG (an antioxidant) than in regular green tea
  • Boosts your metabolism and energy levels

Teaologists Matcha is recognised by top tea bloggers as one of the 'finest quality Matcha Green Teas'. Teaologists sources premium Matcha thanks to a relationship with a multi-generation, family run Matcha tea plantation in Uji, Japan.

This Organic tea plantation picks the first harvest choice crop for Teaologists, then immediately stone grinds the leaves after picking using a patented artisan technique and carefully stores the Matcha ready for shipping. This diligent process ensures the very best tasting and most healthy Matcha powder. Teaologists Matcha is vibrant green in colour, sweet in aroma and smooth and earthy in flavour.

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Teaologists Matcha Tea is Ceremonial Grade. This is the highest possible grade and is:
  • sweeter tasting (more amino acids)
  • a smoother texture
  • more vibrant
  • a better detoxing tea (more chlorophyll)
  • more pleasant to drink

    Ingredients: 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder. 
    No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Suitable for vegans. 
    Certified Organic upon import. Best before July 2018.

    Free Delivery: in 1-3 days UK, 7-10 days Europe and North America.


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