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One Time Offer: Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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A bamboo Matcha tea whisk (which is called a "Chasen" in Japan) is a very important utensil for making Matcha tea. It is the recommended utensil to thoroughly mix Matcha with warm water to make smooth and frothy Matcha tea.

The bamboo Matcha tea whisk has been used in Matcha tea preparation in Japan and China for centuries and is still very widely used today.

This slim, handmade Bamboo whisk is useful at home, when travelling or at the office.

Dimensions: 14cm length, 2.5cm width at whisk end, 1cm width at handle end.

After use, rinse the bamboo whisk with lukewarm water and let it dry fully.

Teaologists bamboo utensils should last for several months with regular use. If any issues are encountered with this whisk within the first few weeks of use, Teaologists will replace the whisk free of charge.